eKaya Holdings has been established to create and deliver opportunity to help grow the South African economy. We focus on supplying and manufacturing of goods locally for consumption within our borders and for export internationally.


Our Facilities

Food safety is central to our values. Based in Midrand, our facility is Food Safety Assessment Accredited and HACCP Compliant with the view to take the next step in applying for Halaal certification.

We strictly follow and adhere to HACCP and ISO, and international quality standards, regulatory policies and guidelines while operating in the plant to make sure our food is not contaminated.

All critical control points and processes are scrutinized and followed without fail. At the end of every shift of production, random samples are retained for continuous evaluation of food health & safety standards. This offers Our customers and Their customers the assurance that traceability is guaranteed.

When it comes to quality, we think global. We use modern techniques and have formulated norms and policies to maintain uncompromised quality.

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Within the food industry, we have identified opportunity within different levels of the value chain; our brands focus on;


  • eKaya Foods collaborate with local compliant farmers to produce and supply organic raw produce that are grown free from fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones and antibiotics.
  • Charou Bread manufactures Indian flat-breads that are sold to the retail market  
  • Dinner to your Door produces organic, healthy, cooked meals for individuals constantly on the move.